West Chester County embezzler still trying

A Westchester County District NY woman, charged with embezzling over 1 million dollars in Westchester County District, NY in June 2004 was also the recent subject of an employment background check on February 3, 2014 in the Chicago, IL area which resulted in a no-hire scenario.

BestHire, LLC in Vernon, CT a consumer reporting agency, handling the screening for the Chicago company interested in hiring a para-legal received an appreciative call stating that their process helped them avoid what could have been a dangerous hiring decision.

“The goal of a background check is not only to find out about the applicant’s past, but also to see how they behave throughout the hiring process. In this case, the NY criminal record was confirmed and found the probation sentence still active. Her resume states she had worked for a Sacramento, California Law Firm from 2000-2008 in the same time frame the applicant was incarcerated in the state of New York. No such law firm exits in California” says BestHire President, Carl Slicer.

“We also found no such college with the US Department of Education listed as the “Chicago Professional College” to verify her Bachelor’s degree nor her “Para-Legal Certificate” Slicer said.

The applicant’s original offense involved a scheme whereby she was hired by a law firm in NY. She opened several bogus bank accounts close to the client’s name. She deposited various payments and stole from a “Fortune 100” company. The AP news reports her bail was set at $5 million.

“It’s apparent the applicant moved from NY to California to Illinois to seek her new career. Once submitted we moved to confirm education, work experience and other pertinent qualifications. Upon completing the profile you have is a picture of the applicant. Multiple angles make up the profile picture and this picture showed facts the employer was uncomfortable with,” says Slicer.