Unveiling Hidden Histories: The Importance of Accurate Background Checks in Vetting Processes

Unveiling Hidden Histories: The Importance of Accurate Background Checks in Vetting Processes

A “Case Study” by Carl Slicer.


This case study delves into the experience of a vetting agency, BestHire, and their encounter with an applicant, Mr. Smith of Delaware. Despite a seemingly clean record in his home state, a thorough background check using BestHire’s forensic tools uncovered a hidden past riddled with felonies in another state. The case highlights the critical role of accuracy in background checks and the potential implications for employers. Through meticulous data analysis and advanced technology, BestHire demonstrates its commitment to providing comprehensive vetting solutions to safeguard both employers and employees.


As businesses strive to ensure a safe and trustworthy workforce, the need for thorough background checks has become increasingly essential. BestHire, a renowned vetting agency, specializes in providing comprehensive screening services to mitigate risks associated with hiring. The case of Mr. Smith exemplifies the significance of accurate background checks in uncovering concealed information that could have significant ramifications for employers.


BestHire routinely processes numerous applicant screenings daily, relying on a combination of data analytics and advanced forensic tools to uncover potential red flags. The case of Mr. Smith initially appeared routine, with no glaring discrepancies in his application. However, a deeper investigation revealed a stark contrast between his disclosed information and his actual criminal history.


Identification of Discrepancies: Despite a clean record in his home state, Mr. Smith’s criminal history in another state posed a significant challenge in the vetting process.

Ensuring Accuracy: Maintaining accuracy in background checks amidst vast amounts of data and varying jurisdictional regulations presented a formidable challenge for BestHire.

Interpreting Red Flags: The discovery of Mr. Smith’s criminal history raised questions regarding his motives and potential risks for prospective employers, necessitating careful evaluation and interpretation of red flags.


BestHire leveraged its proprietary Forensic NCI Tool, which operates through a three-dimensional approach:

Accurate Data Entry: Thorough data collection ensured that accurate information, including name, date of birth, and Social Security number, was entered into the screening portal.

SSN Trace and Accumulation: The tool conducted a comprehensive SSN trace to accumulate relevant information and establish connections across various databases.

Extensive Database Search: Utilizing the SSN trace, BestHire’s tool conducted a search across a database of over 400 criminal record sources nationwide and globally, ensuring a comprehensive background check.


The meticulous screening process facilitated by BestHire’s Forensic NCI Tool yielded significant results:

Identification of Hidden Criminal History: The tool successfully uncovered Mr. Smith’s concealed criminal record, which included felony thefts and evasion of law enforcement in Pennsylvania.

Insight into Potential Risks: The discovery provided valuable insight into potential risks associated with hiring Mr. Smith, enabling employers to make informed decisions.

Enhanced Safety Measures: By unveiling hidden histories, BestHire contributed to enhancing safety measures in the workplace, protecting employers and employees alike from potential threats.


The case of Mr. Smith underscores the critical importance of accurate background checks in the vetting process. Through advanced forensic tools and meticulous data analysis, BestHire exemplifies its commitment to providing comprehensive screening solutions that safeguard employers and employees from potential risks. As businesses prioritize safety and trustworthiness in their workforce, investing in thorough background checks becomes an indispensable component of the hiring process. BestHire remains dedicated to its mission of providing “extra eyes” and exceptional client care, ensuring a safe environment for all stakeholders involved.

Bad Results: A Vetting agency is always on guard for its client. Even for clients more concerned on cost then caring to go the extra mile. A different result could be the client indicates they don’t want to spend extra money. And over the years keeps the profits and does not take the extra measures. Any insurance carrier will tell you the cheapest process is not diligent. But what happens to the employees or the company assets when a career felon has access inside your operations and takes advantage to your operational weakness. Can that hurt your employees, slow your operations, create embarrassment or worse? If combined shut down an employer?

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