Palm Beach County, Florida; Taxpayers money stolen

Palm Beach County, Fl, had a very bad expierence with an employee that stole over $1.5 million in taxpayers money. The controller allegedly forged over 200 checks over 3 years to cover a Internet gambling debt. There are several items that could have prevented this problem from occuring. First, the annual verification of the trade license. Each state requires a Certified Public Accountant to be licensed. See Next, an annual personal credit report processed will indicate if the person is under financial stress.

This is allowed under federal law, known as the “Fair Credit Reporting Act”, or FCRA. Third, a multi-state and Federal Criminal record check goes along way for behavior. Dont forget to check under former names, too. Possible other names are maiden, married, hyphenated, remarried as well as professional. If the applicant lives in Florida the applicant could have a criminal conviction in New York under a former name.

If the employer runs the name thru the Florida State Police, FDLE, the search is limited to Florida only. Lastly, make sure the school degree claimed is based on a school that is accredited. Today, the word “diploma mill” is becoming to common. Many scams are available for purchasing a BA or BS or PhD for $400- $750 dollars from a “Life Expierence” internet business. Most of these scams will list an address that is common with Mail-Box Etc OR Kinko’s. The US Dept of Education will accredit a legitimate school. What is the cost of all this ? The cost runs less than the first days pay. This person cost the bureau more than a million dollars worth of respect. Since 1991, has been assisting employers find good applicants and verify the resume with creditabilty. is a member for the National Association of Professional Background screeners. NAPBS is recognized by