How to avoid a potential lawsuit

Talking about lawsuits is not meant to be a scare tactic. But if you own or manage a business, it’s something you need to be concerned about. And it all relates to hiring new employees.

Did you know that by hiring an employee with a drug or alcohol problem, you could be sued if he or she got into an accident while on company time? And if you hired someone who had a criminal background, you could be held liable for criminal actions that he or she might take against employees or clients. It’s true, and that’s why pre-employment screening is more important than ever.

But there is a way to prevent the potential liability, and we can help.

We’re BestHire, one of Hartford’s leading pre-employment screening companies. We’re your ONE STOP resource for both comprehensive background checks, and complete drug screenings – to help prevent you from becoming involved in liability issues.

Do you want to learn more about providing a safe, drug-free workplace for your employees, and peace of mind for you? Easy! Just call us, and let us help!