G A P S – Federal Sanctions Searches

BestHire provides the following searches for US Federal Government contractors:


Alabama Medicaid – Suspended Providers, America’s Most Wanted Fugitive List, Australia Sex Offender Records, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Sanctions List, Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List, Bank of England Sanctions List, California Medi-Cal – Suspended and Ineligible Providers, Connecticut Department of Social Services – Admin Actions List, DEA Diversion Control Program – Admin Actions against Doctors, DEA Diversion Control Program – Cases against Doctors, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls – Debarred Parties List, European Union Terrorism Sanctions List, FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs – Debarment List, FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs – Warning Letters, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – Enforcement Decisions and Orders, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC ) – Failed Bank List, Federal Reserve Board – Enforcement Actions, FinCEN – Enforcement Actions, FINRA – Disciplinary Actions, Florida Medicaid – Sanctioned Providers, Fugitive List, Health Resources and Services Administration – Health Education Assistance Loan – Defaulted Borrowers, HM Treasury – Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions, HM Treasury – Investment Ban List, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) – Enforcement Actions, HUD – Limited Denials of Participation List, Idaho Medicaid Provider – Exclusion List, Illinois Casino Exclusion List, Illinois Office of Inspector General – Sanctioned Providers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – Most Wanted, Interpol Most Wanted, Kentucky Medicaid – Excluded Providers, Maryland Medicaid – Exclusion List, MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base, Mississippi Medicaid – Excluded Providers, Missouri Casino Exclusion List, Monetary Authority of Singapore – Enforcement Actions, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) – Administrative Orders, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) – Most Wanted Fugitives, New Jersey Casino Exclusion List, New Jersey Department of Treasury – Debarment List, New York Office of the Medicaid Inspector General – Exclusion List, New York Stock Exchange Regulation – Disciplinary Actions, Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) – Enforcement Actions List, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) – Specially Designated Nationals List, Office of Inspector General (OIG) – Health and Human Services Exclusion List, Office of Regulatory Affairs – Disqualified, Restricted and Assurances List for Clinical Investigators, Office of Research Integrity – Public Health Service – Administrative Actions List, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) – Canadian Sanctions List, Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) – Enforcement Actions List, Ohio Medicaid – Sanctioned Providers, Ohio Medicaid – Suspended Providers, Palestinian Legislative Council List, Pennsylvania Medicheck – Precluded Providers List, Politically Exposed Persons List, SEC – Enforcement Actions, South Carolina Medicaid – Excluded Providers, Tennessee Department of Health – Abuse Registry, Texas Employee Misconduct Registry, Texas Health and Human Services Commission Medicaid and Title XX Provider Exclusion List, TRICARE Sanctions List, UK Disqualified Directors List, United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) – Disciplinary Actions, US Department of Commerce – Denied Persons List, US Department of State – Foreign Terrorist Organizations List, US Department of State – Nonproliferation Sanctions, US Department of State – Terrorist Exclusion List, US General Services Administration (GSA) – Excluded Parties List, & World Bank Listing of Ineligible Individuals.