Drug Testing for Treatment Centers

BestHire is committed to providing innovative, accurate and cost effective screening testing for drugs of abuse, providing solutions to keeping treatment center staff and patients safe.

Whether you are looking for rapid oral fluid test screening, urine drug tests or hair drug testing, BestHire has many options to select the best fit for your treatment center.

OralTox-Rapid Oral Fluid (Saliva) Drug Screening

OralTox is an all-in-one saliva based drug test that is used for detecting recent
ingestion of 1 to 12 drugs of abuse.

Social distancing will be a necessary continued protocol for all businesses. OralTox allows the collector to remain at a safe distance (CDC recommended 6′). Rapid oral fluid screening with OralTox can be a tool to ensure screening continues either in the field when county agencies close/limit hours onsite.

OralTox is an FDA 510(k) cleared, rapid oral fluid drug screening device.
OralTox is easy to administer and allows the collector to observe the donor as he or she collects their own oral fluid specimen. This collaborative collection process helps reduce the likelihood of spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus by allowing safe distancing measures. OralTox is FDA 510(k) cleared for 8 drugs including, AMP, COC, MTD, MET, OPI, OXY, PCP, THC and the only FDA cleared rapid oral fluid drug screen to include an assay for Oxycodone

Advantages of OralTox:

  • Cost effective solution for drug screening in rehabilitation/treatment facilities
  • Quick, accurate results in under 15 minutes
  • The donor completes the process independently under supervision.
  • The donor seals the collection swab into the devise.

The OralTox can scale to simultaneously detect up to 12 drugs. and include alcohol testing. Customized panels are available.

OSCAN Optional Feature:
Built in QR scanning functionality ties the specific test to the individual, alleviating user input and potential human

Multi Drug Screen Urine Test

  • Results under 15 minutes
  • Cost effective solution for drug screening
  • CLIA waived dipstick
  • Quick, precise and practical solution for on-site drug screening that can test 1-14 drugs of abuse.

If a rapid drug tests indicates a positive result, a lab drug test with a MRO will need to be conducted for confirmation of the results.

Zip code look up for Collection sites:
Laboratory Corporation of America    Quest Diagnostics

Best Hire can set up your business with an account with a LabCorp or Quest. BestHire participates in a co-op purchasing program with both LabCorp and Quest, providing cost effective pricing to BestHire clients.

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