Cheap background checks cost the most. Here’s why.

The cheapest criminal record check can cost the most and here is why.

Do you know where the applicant has lived in the last 20 years? Have they lived outside No. Carolina? Do you know how many last names the applicant has had ? Maiden, Married, hyphenated or remarried are just a few? And yes the more serious “felony committing” males do change their last name as well.

So let’s say that “Jill Jones” was born & raised in Florida. She as a bad habit of stealing from people. She wears out her welcome & moves to No Carolina. Jill gets married while living in the Ft Bragg area. Jill is now known as Jill Jenkins. You submit to the “No Carolina” statewide criminal repository as Jill Jenkins. And Jill Jenkins has no record. You just wasted the $15 or $27 check. With 0% return on your report you now have a larcenist on your payroll. How much will she steal before you find out? Do you want to jeopardize the best customers you have worked so hard for ?

Here’s the value:

If I were your service contractor we would teach you what you can buy and what is effective.

Perhaps the value is that this service provider advise you when you have questions, wants to see you stay in business and provides such a value that you will LOVE to recommend them.

Fact: 6% of our population has a felony conviction. That’s of 1 out of every 16 people that walk by you. Next time try to figure out which one that might be.

Sheila & Wanda, I hope this helps. You can also speak with Karan Walton, owner of Tidy Environments, one of our customers, and she will be happy to tell you what she has learned.