Case Study: Restaurant Industry

Case Study: Restaurant Industry

This employer was being taken advantage of by some employees & it cost the employer funds, valuable employees, & reputation issues. No diligence was in play.

On the recommendation of their attorney, BestHire was hired to improve hiring practices.

BestHire trained management to prepare for interviews, vet better & made better offers. While collecting data & utilizing the BestHire network to verify; who the applicant was, how to trace their personal history &, select relevant information. Lastly, we set up an automated system streamlining the workflow, flagging critical reports, and preparing final reports for both the applicant and review with Management.

In the first six months with the BestHire system in place, the employer processed 74 applications.

BestHire found 12 applicants with either a felony or misdemeanor convictions. Some examples were; strangulation, assault, armed robbery & drugs/alcohol abuse. The average completion time for the reports was one business day. Good employees stay where they are welcome & not bullied.