Aaron Hernandez Case Reveals Value of Background Checks

Carlos Ortiz, charged with carrying an unlicensed handgun in connection to the murder of Odin Lloyd in Attleboro, MA on June 17 was also the recent subject of an employment background check and drug testing on May 15, 2013 in the Bristol, CT area which resulted in a no-hire scenario.

BestHire, LLC in Vernon, CT, a consumer reporting agency, handling the screening for the company interested in hiring Ortiz received an appreciative call stating that their process helped them avoid what could have been a dangerous hiring decision.

“The goal of a background check is not only to find out about the applicant’s past, but also to see how they behave throughout the hiring process. In this case, Ortiz refused the drug test therefore taking him out of the running and saving our client the money and time they would have taken to administer a positive drug test,” says BestHire President, Carl Slicer.

The Head of Loss Prevention at the company concurred. “Recently there have been applicants, which if hired, could have been very costly to our stores or a huge safety risk.”

“Fortunately, they did not hire Ortiz even though he looked like a good match on paper due to his work experience. Our customers never know who is going to walk through their doors and they certainly don’t want to put their customers in danger.” says Slicer.

According to a 2010 study conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management, some 92% of companies are now conducting some form of criminal-background checks for some or all of their openings.

“A small investment to background check before the job offer is complete can result in huge savings, piece of mind, reduced security risk, and increased safety for current employees and customers. It’s a no-brainer in today’s world. We’re glad we could be a part of keeping another company safe,” says Slicer.

BestHire, LLC, a consumer reporting agency founded in 1991, specializes in employee background checks and drug testing. BestHire works with employers nationwide.